Susanne Prins van Wijngaarden


“Connecting ambitious professionals to achieve their common goals” is the motto that has served Susanne well in her job at P&O Partner as a Consultant. She’s applied herself to the field of recruitment and is proud to call herself a specialist in Recruitment & Selection, Employer Branding and Professional Personal Branding.

In meetings with HR professionals she’s happy to provide tips and tricks that make their specific HR knowledge stand out on their resumé or LinkedIn profile. So that the ambitions and the strengths of the HR professional immediately catch your eye.

After her studies social & organisational psychology in Leiden and public HR strategy at Erasmus University, she worked in different HR roles at multinationals such as IBM and ABN AMRO as well as within the public sector. While living in Singapore, she started her own recruitment network. Her home is a happy and busy one with three small children and a husband who runs his own company. And she happily takes time out for cultural trips with her friends.