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We want to know all about you

We help you map out your career path and career opportunities  We are positive-yet-critical, open, creative and see beyond your capacities. We want to know all about you and will continue to ask questions . What is important to you? What drives you? If you are not hired for this position, we make sure to keep in touch. Surely another role will come along which will perfectly fit your talents and motivations. Check this map for a list of our clients.

The Wildcard

We believe in a match that goes beyond having the right capacities. Our clients know that and we often introduce wildcard candidates to them. On paper, a match might not be 100%. But if you have something unique and valuable to bring to the job, a wildcard will often turn out to be a successful match.

Personal and Committed

Our team consists of experienced consultants, who have all worked in HR-positions at various organizations. We are honest, fair and respectful, you can count on that. We have helped thousands of HR professionals towards the next step in their career or assignment.

Our vacancies and interim assignments

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Permanent and interim positions at all levels

Mobiele functie Sr. HR Business Partner

Holten (hoofdkantoor), Amersfoort, Eindhoven | 32-40 uur | Slagvaardige en pragmatisch ingestelde ervaren HR Business Partner, een enthousiaste professional die het voortouw neemt.

Mobiele rol Holten-Amersfoort-Eindhoven


Officemanager die hét verschil maakt

“Centrale rol binnen ons team met breed takenpakket en eigen regelruimte”
Zeist, 28-32 uur


24 - 32, 32 - 36 uur

HR Adviseur

Verbindende HR adviseur die met passie de dynamische FlexiForce organisatie ondersteunt en adviseert in Barneveld. 


32 - 36 , 36 - 40 (5 dagen) uur

40.000 - 50.000, 50.000 - 60.000

Senior HR Adviseur

Stevige HR professional met een positieve houding die het voortouw neemt in verandering, beweging creëert en actief bijdraagt aan de verdere professionalisering van het HR-team


32 - 36 uur

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P&O Partner, <strong>Leading</strong> HR specialist

P&O Partner, Leading HR specialist

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